Maharishi AyurVeda Center in Pokhara, Nepal

Profits go to Support Maharishi Vedic Pandits

Surplus profits to go to the many Maharishi Vedic Pandits in Nepal

Great Location in Maharishi Vastu

Conveniently located on Lake Phewa in Pokhara, Nepal with spectacular views of the Himalayas

Competitive Price

Panchakarma at affordable prices and local access to organic high quality herbs and oils. Pricing to be announced.

A vision of the property

Rooftop views

Natural interior design

Knowledgeable staff

Easy walk to the lake

Sustainable design

Local organic vegetarian food

How to get there

The Vyas Retreat has the potential to support the non-profit activity of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Pandit Schools and strengthen the Vedic Tradition that is the source of Maharishi Integrated Health.

Groups of Vedic Pandits practicing the Vedic technologies of Yoga and Yagya will enliven the unifying properties of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of the nation. The Maharishi Pandit program will bring life in tune with Natural Law and uphold harmony in the environment.



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our supporters say:

I expect this panchakarma center will be at 100% ocupancy in the first year – not a doubt in my mind. This Maharishi Ayurveda Center has a great potential to help the world.

Lothar Pirc

Maharishi Ayurveda Bad Ems

It looks like Vyas Retreat will become the most attractive Maharishi AyurVeda clinic in the world visited by thousands of guess from all continents.
And for me the most inspiring fact is that all profit from this project will be used for supporting Vedic pandits which means that every donation or investment is not a one time support for pandits but will create perpetual source of funding for many many years.

Wojtek Skalski

Maharishi Vastu Architect

This is a great project to support and I think just the enviroment alone will heal people. I am excited to see Maharishi’s knowledge available in this beautiful location.  

Vaidya Manohar

Fairfield, Iowa



Our Team

This is the team that is constantly working to make this project a success.

Drs. Kingsley & Leslie Brooks

President and Treasurer

International Directors of Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation who will guide with their experience running the Lancaster Panchakarma center in Massachusetts 

Hagen & Jenna Rainbow

Director of Health and Managing Director

Hagen has his MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine and Jenna has her MBA in Hospitality and business management

Dr. Deepak Baskota


Chairman of Nepal Maharishi Vedic foundation and national director for Transcendental Meditation in Nepal

Wojtek Skalski


Deputy Minister of Vedic Architecture for the Global Country of World Peace and expert Maharishi Vastu Architect

Contact us
[email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a partner and investing in a state of the art Maharishi Vastu Panchakarma Center, contact us about being a co-owner of the land and building.